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At OptiRevMD we have developed a proprietary, time tested formula for reducing costs, optimizing revenue and increasing net profits for ophthalmic and refractive surgical practices.  Today’s environment of decreasing third party reimbursement, increasing operating costs and new technology requiring significant capital investment has destabilized many ophthalmic practices.  Through our decades of experience, OptiRevMD can help you right your ship and navigate your best financial course.

The cornerstone of our service is our Net Profit Growth Assessment (NPGA) tool.  This digital assessment tool collects up to 30 specific financial and operational data points from your practice or surgical facility.  We then compare your individual metrics to our proprietary, ophthalmic profit algorithm to determine the Net Profit Growth (NPGP) for your unique situation.  This complex formula uses our national database of financial performance and costs metrics to include everything from refractive surgery conversion rates to premium lens implants, consumables costs, equipment costs and laser click fees.  Our goal is simple, increase your practice’s net profit in order to allow you and your practice to deliver exceptional patient care for years to come.   


We analyze and compare your costs to identify opportunities within your ophthalmic practice and surgical facility.  With our extensive knowledge of competitive pricing for everything from capital equipment, media and printing, laser use fees, surgical consumables and lens implants we will demonstrate how to significantly reduce costs. See how OpiRevMD can reduce your costs today.


We look at your business from all angles in order to optimize revenues by maximizing your collections from third party payers; standardizing your refractive package offerings; improving patient capture and enhancing adoption of premium technology and services.  See how OptiRevMD can optimize your revenue today.


Our time tested financial principals are designed to increase and maintain your net profit for the long term through systematic execution and monitoring whether you are in a private group practice, part of a healthcare or facility management company or a private equity investment group.  See how OptiRevMD can increase your net profit today. 



The OptiRevMD NPGA tool analyzes the following areas of your practice and surgical facility:


• Clinical and Surgical Volume

 • Refractive Surgery Conversions and Technology Adoption

 • Refractive Surgery Packages and Pricing

 • Operational Costs

 • Personnel Costs

 • Space Utilization

 • Payer Mix

 • Optical Performance (if applicable)

 • ASC or Laser Facility Operating Expense (if applicable)

 • ASC or Laser Facility Consumables Cost (if applicable)


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